RJA 10, LLC is a Florida Limited Liability Company created to develop an integrated multi-billion dollar project to exploit an expected 3.5 billion barrel oil and 2.4 trillion cubic foot natural gas play in southwest North Dakota, USA. It is RJA 10, LLC's aim to produce that sweet light oil from vertical wells requiring no fracking at all. The natural gas will be used to fuel a large electric generation facility, and the electricity will be used to produce helium, neon, argon and hydrogen through the liquification of air, electrolysis of water and processing of the natural gas. RJA 10, LLC will capture the carbon dioxide and sequester it. The isolated carbon dioxide will be injected into deep rock production zones to increase the production of oil and natural gas from the play and at the same time isolate the carbon dioxide from the environment.

The Williston Basin has been one of the most productive basins in the United States, and this oil and gas Play is one of the richest opportunities in the United States.  We are blessed to have some of the leases allowing us to access these resources. The enormous oil and gas resources of this Play are the reason such an integrated project is economically feasible and of such great potential. 

This production of crude oil will coincide over the next fifteen years with the world's present need for oil. When the demand for oil declines as we move toward decarbonization, this Project will have exhausted its capacity to produce oil and gas but will have achieved very large returns.