The natural gas leaving the Natural Gas Liquids facility will be clean pipeline quality gas that may be used to fuel a 1.25 gigawatt electric generation plant for the life of the play and beyond using other local natural gas. A photo of such an electric generation plant is shown below left. This electricity will be used for several purposes, including to liquify air to recover liquid oxygen, helium, neon, argon and other products to meet the strategic needs of the United States, related to production of electronics equipment and other purposes. The electricity will also be used to generate hydrogen through the electrolysis of water. Such a hydrogen generation facility is shown below right. At this point we focus on these downstream uses as they will "convert" hydrocarbons to essential end products, and in the process capture and sequester carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Alternatively, other processes could be used here for synthetic fuel production and converting crude oil directly to end products, decided by economic considerations.